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Experience Report

Christian Schopen

Marketing Trainee

How I joined the Trainee Program at LANXESS:

During the milk round LANXESS had presented itself as a very dynamic company that, with its various different business units, offers a range of opportunities for graduates. The areas of responsibility for employees didn't appear to be as specialized as they are in classic corporations. Far more, I had the impression that you can contribute across the board and suggestions are welcomed. The seminars with other trainees to promote personal development as well as an individual training budget were equally appealing to me.

Christian Schopen

Marketing Trainee

“We enjoy considerable attention as trainees and get involved – right from the outset.”

My assignments:

After completing the AC successfully in the "Material Protection Products" Business Unit, I was assigned initially to product management for biocidal products as a marketing trainee and was allowed to manage a small product portfolio myself. I gained extensive insights into my business area in the production, procurement as well as in regional marketing in Singapore. This experience was rounded off in the so-called "home port" by working on a consultation project for "Rhein Chemie", another LANXESS business unit.

This is what I say to family & friends about my current responsibilities:

After completing the trainee program I took a job in product management. As Product Manager I am primarily responsible for pricing and international marketing of biocidal products in industrial wood protection and work on developing new products with the research department.

What makes my work at LANXESS special:

I have a very broad and diversified job thanks to the work with many areas. In my key account function I get to know international customers and am "close" to the market as Product Manager.

Three (or five!) words that describe LANXESS:

"In the thick of things!"

My "special LANXESS moment":

At my previous employers the management often seemed uninterested and unapproachable. My first week at LANXESS showed me that things are different here. The Managing Director took the time to get to know me personally and to comment on my first project. We enjoy considerable attention as trainees and get involved – right from the outset.

What advice can I give a new trainee on his/her first day:

Show that you can take the initiative and make sure that you voice your expectations and wishes from the trainee program. Your managers will definitely appreciate this.


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