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Marvin Fischenich

Dual Degree: Business Information Technology

My decision for the dual degree at LANXESS:

By choosing a dual degree in business information technology, I can complete vocational training and a degree at the same time in a relatively short period of time in a young and dynamic company with excellent future perspectives.

As such I can not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also become familiar with the practical side of working in a company. So I can gain insight into the kind of work I will be doing later and also get to know many colleagues and benefit from their experience as well.

Marvin Fischenich

Dual Degree: Business Information Technology

"By choosing the dual course of studies I have completed both my vocational training and a Bachelor degree within a short period of time.“

What my practical work and degree entails:

Lessons at the vocational school are mainly concerned with theoretical and practical applications development. We go through the entire process, from the analysis to implementation, up to completion and optimisation. During the practical sessions at the company, we take part in daily business in the respective departments. You get to know many different jobs and colleagues and as a result, gain good insight into the IT jobs.

The degree gives you the theoretical knowledge about various programming languages, business English, accounting, economics, software engineering, software test methods, project management, HR management, software ergonomics as well as company formations and management.

What was the application process like?

I applied online with a letter, curriculum vitae and all of the relevant certificates. I then had to complete a computer-driven aptitude test, which was followed by an invitation to attend an assessment centre. After completing the assessment centre I was informed that they wanted to offer me a position for the dual degree.

What are the prerequisites that potential trainees should have?

Absolute prerequisites are a knowledge of English and a fundamental understanding of IT. Programming skills are not absolutely necessary, but certainly beneficial. The remaining aforementioned practical and theoretical skills are taught during the course of the dual training. You should also be able to manage yourself and your time and be able to cope with stressful situations, especially during exam periods.

This is what I say to family & friends about my current responsibilities:

I analyse security loopholes on mobile devices, develop counter-measures which then have to be assessed.

What do you like most about your training?

In a relatively short time (almost 3 years) you can obtain the training to qualify as an IT Specialist for Applications Development (Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung) as well as the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. You also gain experience in a large corporation and become familiar with various jobs and get to know colleagues.

What is the atmosphere like among the students and colleagues?

The atmosphere amongst the apprentices, students and colleagues is very good. We are all there to support each other, even in stressful situations.

Three (or four) words that describe LANXESS:

Energizing Chemistry, energizing you

My "special LANXESS moment":

This definitely has to include the six week work period at LANXESS in Shanghai with another colleague from the same degree, to help the on-site colleagues with the Windows7 roll-out.

What advice can I give a new trainee/student on his/her first day:

Be open for all activities and to all colleagues at all times. There are many interesting jobs to discover. Express your interest so that you can help shape the course your dual training takes.

Would you choose a dual degree with LANXESS again? Why?

Definately! By choosing the dual course of studies I have completed both my vocational training and a Bachelor's degree within a short period of time. This gives me an advantage over most of my contemporaries. An additional benefit is that the company funds the training and the degree studies and that you are remunerated with a salary.