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Michelle Bihn

Vocational Training: Chemical Technician

Why did you decide to start a vocational training at LANXESS?

LANXESS is a large company that offers young people many opportunities to develop on both a professional as well as a personal level. I also always wanted to be part of a large corporation.

Michelle Bihn

Vocational Training: Chemical Technician

"What I like best about my training at LANXESS is the variety at work within the company. You always have to be ready to deal with different situations."

What my practical work and schooling entails:

For the practical elements of the course, I am either in the training centre or working in the company. In the training centre we learn about fundamental chemical processes and how they work at smaller facilities. In the company I help with production work for Durethan, a plastic with many diverse applications. In the vocational school we learn all about chemistry, individual facility components such as pumps, filters or reactors and large-scale technical procedures used in the chemicals industry.

What was the application process like?

I read about a vacancy at LANXESS in the newspaper and applied for an apprenticeship position. I was invited to the employment test and then to a personal interview. Luckily I was accepted as a chemical technician apprentice.

This is what I say to family & friends about my current responsibilities:

I tell my family and friends that I monitor and check the chemical process for producing Durethan from the control room or work directly on-site at the facilities. The facilities  - i.e. boilers - are controlled directly by computer from the control room. Jobs that have to be completed on-site can be, for example, cleaning a filter or operating hand valves. I also take regular samples in order to run lab analyses to see whether the product meets the customer's requirements.

What are the prerequisites that potential apprentice should have?

You should be open and prepared to learn new things, be interested in chemistry and technology and enjoy finding out about the way things work in large facilities. You should be aware that working as a chemical technician can be a hard and dirty job.

What do you like most about your training?

"The thing I like best about my training at LANXESS is the variety at work within the company. You always have to be ready to deal with different situations." I also enjoy working independently and also together as part of a team.

What is the atmosphere like amongst the apprentices and colleagues?

The atmosphere among the apprentices is pretty good. And the colleagues and managers are always fair and willing to help. Of course there are days then things can be hectic at the company. But the colleagues never leave you on your own and the support is great which makes working together fun and pleasant.

My "special LANXESS moment":

There are several good moments, but one particularly successful experience for me was when I was allowed to operate the testing facility according to trail regulations in the training centre for the first time.

What advice can I give a new apprentice on his/her first day:

Enjoy the training time and make the most of the experiences. You can learn loads of interesting things, and learn how the things we encounter on an everyday basis are actually manufactured.

Would you choose a vocational training with LANXESS again?

Yes, because during my training here I had the opportunity to gain a great deal of experience in everyday working life. Working in different LANXESS facilities has given me a tremendous insight into the company. My colleagues taught me a great deal about the operations and I felt very well prepared for the exam.