A little advice: Apply,
but know how to do so correctly

Tips for your Application

The ideal match: Young people seeking new challenges and a dynamic company that is pursuing new roads. Join us and begin your career with enriching development perspectives – regardless of which profession you choose, you can be certain of receiving top quality training. Apply to us now, for the training course or dual degree that suits you.

Don't wait, start!

Your application will reach us quickly and in an environment-friendly way via the internet. Just use our online application system. You can upload all of the important documents in PDF format here. You can also send us an application by email. Please remember to send the completed application form as well.

If you prefer to send your application by post, please also use our application form and send it to us along with your completed application folder (letter, curriculum vitae, certificates and references) to the following address:

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
Vocational Training
Kaiser-Willhelm-Allee 40
Building K 10
51369 Leverkusen

Good appearance, form and contents!

Remember: For a successful application all documentation should be as coherent, consistent and complete as possible - and in DIN A4 format. These are the documents we are interested in seeing:

  • Your detailed letter of application: Why do you want to join LANXESS?
  • Your curriculum vitae in tabular format: What is your background, which skills and expertise will you be bringing with you to work?
  • Copies of your last two certificates; if available also your school leaving certificate
  • All additional certificates, proof of qualifications or internships, including voluntary roles

Four steps to vocational training

The first step for a successful application is your letter as well as formally correct, completed documentation. Once we have read all documentation, we make a pre-selection and then complete a job-related, computer-driven aptitude test. Prepare well for this test: We will inform you of the important contents in the invitation to take the test so that you can practice at home. Those who pass the aptitude test will be invited to an interview or to an Assessment Centre at LANXESS. This is where we decide who we would like to work with. If we decide in your favour then you will be required to take a health check to test your suitability for the job ... and then we can start!

We look forward to meeting you and wish you every success!

Das Anschreiben

A typical letter includes your complete contact information in the header (first and last name, address and telephone number, email address), the current date as well as the LANXESS address stating the training department. The subject line underneath the header is where you should enter the reason for your letter, along with the desired job and training. Your letter should then comprise three sections. The first part comprises an individual introduction, that, for example, describes the reason for your application. The second part should describe why you want to do the job and training that you are applying for and why you are applying to LANXESS for this position. At the end of your letter you should tell us why you are the right person for the training or apprenticeship position at LANXESS. End your letter with a closing paragraph, a closing salutation and your personal signature.

Der Online-Test
Der Eignungstest

We use the aptitude test to see of you meet the minimum requirements for the job that requires training. Three power hours: In different test stages, a maximum of 30 participants answer questions on the computer which are designed specially for the respective job that requires training. The questions focus on school knowledge and specific subject-related knowledge, but also on the applicant's personal learning aptitude and reasoning powers. We inform each participant of the exact contents when we send the invitation to take the aptitude test. By the way: Calculators are not permitted. We have, of course, allowed for breaks to regenerate between the individual test sections.

Das Bewerbergespräch

If you are invited to an interview you have already mastered important hurdles on your way to the position you have applied for. Now you have the opportunity to present yourself in person. It makes good sense to be prepared for possible questions.

Here are a few examples:

  • What motivated you to apply for this job that requires training at LANXESS?
  • What interests you about the job you have chosen?
  • How do you envisage everyday working life? Describe a typical work situation in your preferred profession.

Every smile counts

It is not just the words, but also your body language - i.e. posture, facial expressions and gestures - that count in every interview to which you are invited. They make an important contribution to your assessment. You can make a good impression by being friendly, with a natural appearance, maintaining eye contact and speaking clearly and coherently. Don't worry about being nervous: This is part of the interview process and will not be assessed negatively.