Pay attention girls!
This day is yours

Girls' Day

See things, try things out, be amazed

Electrical engineering, metal processing, computer science and natural sciences – on Girls' Day we let the girls take a deeper look into the working world in these four areas at LANXESS.

And there is a lot to be discovered: Our guests experience close up how rubber is made from individual components, watch how formulas are mixed, learn about the chemical composition of rubber and help to mix and apply chemicals. The Girls' Day organisers are there on hand at each "station" to answer any questions about specialty chemicals that our young female "on day interns"may have.

Clear the way for the ladies!

The fascination of a physics construction kit: Each year LANXESS organises an exciting interesting day for girls aged 14 and older as part of the national Girls’ Day. The aim of this event is to show girls on site, that jobs in the chemicals industry are by no means just "for men" any more.


Manuela Schmied

Internship for school pupils
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